Personal Brand-Building Tips From the Experts

by Meg Guiseppi

A few months ago, I responded to a request from Mohammed Altaee to chime in with a tip on what I do every day to communicate and reinforce my brand.

He published the responses in a post on Ryan Rancatore’s Personal Branding 101, “Personal Branding Tasks You Can Do Every Day“.

Here are some of the answers, with each respondent’s Twitter handle:

Mohammed Altaee (@maltaee) — Find at least 10 things worth retweeting in your home feed and share it to your followers.

Ryan Rancatore (@RyanRancatore) — Do something unselfish that helps somebody else or promotes their work. Repeat as often as possible.

My tip (@MegGuiseppi) — Every day ask yourself: How can I communicate my unique value message today?

Walter Akana (@WalterAkana) — Less time promoting their brand; more time in conversations driving value for their people.

Chris Brogan (@ChrisBrogan) — Post a status message daily on Facebook, something engaging or interesting.

Paul Copcutt (@PaulCopcutt) — Remember to do something for your brand that is offline. It’s not all about building an online brand.

Al Hanzal (@alhanzal) — Ask yourself this question about your personal brand: “Why should anybody listen to me?”

Heather E. Coleman (@HeatherEColeman) — Tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn – relevant information, group discussions, network, promotion of your field of interest. Collaboration is key.

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