New Career Book: Launchpad – Your Career Search Strategy Guide, Volume 3

by Meg Guiseppi

Chris Perry of Career Rocketeer has just published the third volume of his quarterly compilation of short, relevant articles covering a range of job search topics, Launchpad: Your Career Search Strategy Guide.

Along with my contribution, “10 Steps To Your Authentic, Winning Personal Brand”, Volume 3 is loaded with advice on such topics as resume optimization, interviewing, personal branding, career search strategizing, relationship building, professional networking, and web 2.0 search tools.

Contributors include James Alexander, Paula Caligiuri, Carol Fishman Cohen, John Crant, Kristi Daeda, Jessica Holbrook, Julie Jansen, Diana Jennings, Dan Miller, Dorothy Tannahill Moran, Ford Myers, Cheryl Palmer, Chris Perry, Brent Peterson, Todd Rhoad, Steve Rothberg, Rick Saia, Miriam Salpeter and Billie Sucher.

Get a free, downloadable version of Launchpad: Your Career Search Strategy Guide (Volume 1).

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