So you’ve defined your executive brand. You know what differentiates your unique promise of value from your competition in the executive job market.

Have you created a strategy to clearly and consistently communicate your brand across multiple channels?

Maybe you’re great at promoting yourself in person – at networking and industry events.

But what are you doing to build your online footprint, to capture the attention of recruiters and hiring decision makers, most of whom these days source talent online?

Learn what the 6 P’s are, and how and where you can embrace them in my Executive Career Brand post, Maximize Your Executive Brand Online with the 6 P’s.

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Are you job hunting on the sly and fearful your employer will find out before you hand in your resignation?

A successful executive job search campaign includes much more than responding to job board postings. In fact, that method yields a dismal 3-5%, at best, so it should only represent a very small part of your job search efforts.

Networking is always your best bet and LinkedIn is one of the very best social networking tools for executives.

If you’re not there, positioning yourself in front of recruiters and hiring authorities, you may be invisible to the very people you need to attract.

But how can you get ON their radar and stay OFF your employer’s radar, and still take advantage of LinkedIn’s networking benefits?

Find out in my Executive Career Brand post, LinkedIn: Best Tactic for Undercover Executive Job Search.


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