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Meg Guiseppi, Personal Branding and Executive Job Search StrategistWith 10 career and job search certifications, Meg Guiseppi is one of only a handful of career professionals worldwide trained and certified in personal branding, online identity management and resume writing – 3 essentials for executive job search success.

Her 10 certifications:

“I love my work collaborating with savvy top-level executives and entrepreneurs who know where they’re going next, but need help differentiating their unique promise of value in today’s executive job market, and strategically positioning their value messaging to attract their target market.”

Meg’s highly collaborative personal branding process pinpoints her client’s unique value proposition. With an engaging sense of humor and supportive nature, Meg puts her clients at ease to dig deep, open up, and pinpoint what is authentically “them”.

Everyone deserves to work their passion.

By helping her clients identify and communicate their true passions and drivers — the things that jazz them in their professional and personal lives — Meg’s personal branding process propels them toward jobs that meet their financial and career fulfillment needs.

Meg is a keen listener and interviewer. She asks the right questions and synthesizes the best her clients have to offer in clear brand messaging that speaks from their own voice and resonates with their target audience.

One client said:

“Your personal branding process was such a worthwhile exercise. It helped me zoom in on what makes me unique and better define how to communicate my message to my target market . . . I found it very invigorating.”

. . . And then there’s her razor-sharp, precision writing.

Spend just a few minutes reading Meg’s executive resume and career biography samples and her blog posts. There’s no mistaking her signature crackling, vibrant writing that makes her clients come alive on the page, fused with her career marketing savvy and talent for personal brand positioning.

Another client said:

“Meg possesses extraordinary capabilities when it comes to incorporating her insight of a candidate’s core qualifications and potential into an exceptionally well written resume.

A retainer recruiter who has more than 20 years of experience placing high level executives, told me my VisualCV resume, created by Meg, was the best he had ever seen.”

Building online brand visibility to attract decision makers.

Along with writing career success stories for her clients, Meg is a trend-spotter who embraces cutting edge movement in strategic executive career positioning. Leading her clients through the daunting ins and outs of today’s senior executive job search, she stresses that, in today’s career market, a resume will probably not be their first introduction to decision makers.

Recruiters and hiring decision makers routinely Google and search sites like LinkedIn to source and assess top talent. Meg helps her clients build a brand-solid online footprint so they’re more likely to be found by the very people they need to attract.

A pioneer in personally branded resumes.

Meg was using personal branding before the world had a name for it. From the time she first started writing resumes professionally in 1989, her mission has always been to crystallize what differentiates her clients from their competition and showcase their unique promise of value to their target audience. In this way, she’s been able to generate chemistry and breathe life into otherwise flat career marketing documents.

Putting her own passions to work.

An entrepreneur to her bones, Meg has dabbled in diverse professional pursuits. For a time, she owned and ran an organic garden center specializing in exotic herbs and vegetable plants. Her organization and management skills, combined with a talent for writing compelling marketing communications, sealed the niche operation as “the destination” in the area for all things related to organic gardening.

Meg’s love of edible gardening continues and drives the magic she does in the kitchen, creating from what’s ripe at the moment.

Industry-recognized subject matter expert:

Personal Branding Expert at Job-Hunt.org — Forbes “Best of the Web” and US News & World Report’s “Best Comprehensive Sites for Finding Work”

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