How long has it been since you faced an executive job search?

If it’s been more than just a couple of years, you’re dealing with a whole new ball game now, and you probably don’t know all the rules.

A c-level executive branding and job search strategist, I help my clients differentiate their unique value proposition, create brand-reinforcing career marketing communications, and navigate the new world of executive job search.

Here are just some of the new rules that you may not know how to manage:

1. Personal branding for executives is no longer optional. Branding helps you and your target audience differentiate your unique promise of value from your competition in the job market, and is the cornerstone to launching a successful executive job search campaign.

2. Executive resumes and career biographies have to be brand-evident, and they don’t look and read the way they used to. See my Executive Resume and Career Biography Samples.

3. Don’t expect recruiters to be falling over themselves pursuing you, the way it was in the past. They’re overloaded with candidates and their client companies demand, and get, executives who are 100% perfect fits.

4. More likely than not, the hiring decision makers you’re targeting are hanging out on social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. If you’re not busy with social media, positioning yourself in front of them, you may be invisible to them.

If all this sounds daunting, and you think you need my help, contact me.